Nachhaltigkeit in der Verwaltung – Wunschdenken oder Realität?



The concept of sustainability is omnipresent and used in diverse contexts. In the private industry the concept has been used for several years. Sustainability has become an important aspect of the business and the strategy for companies. Thereby, the term is not only used for the ecological aspect, but also for social and economic topics. The public sector is acting traditionally in another business sector, however, sustainability has been established in this area as well. This article explores the question to what extent sustainability is a topic also in the public administration, i.e. at Swiss cantons and municipalities level. It examines what is implemented in terms of strategy, concepts and reporting.


Sustainabilitypublic sectorreporting
  • Volume: 5
  • Page/Article: 43–64
  • DOI: 10.5334/ssas.67
  • Published on 31 Dec 2014
  • Peer Reviewed