Introduction of e-Participation in Switzerland: Impact of transparent policy-making and of the empowerment of citizens



This research study aims to evaluate whether issues related to transparent policy making and to the empowerment of citizens hinder the introduction of e-Participation in Switzerland. Case studies selected for the analysis are e-Voting and the SmartVote application. Results show that a favorable attitude on the part of public officials is crucially important for the uptake of e-Participation, and that public authorities have a contradictory mission in that they must act as guarantors of the rule of law, while also being flexible and responsive in their interactions with citizens.


TransparencyCitizen-centric GovernmentCitizen ParticipationDigital Democracy
  • Volume: 6
  • Page/Article: 49–60
  • DOI: 10.5334/ssas.80
  • Published on 31 Dec 2015
  • Peer Reviewed